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We offer a wide selection of applications we refer to as TrendsWare.  Each application set is capable of being integrated within existing enterprise environments and systems.  Along with our software we offer software customization, data integration, and system integration services.  


At Digital Trends, we understand that there's no asset more important than people.  That's why we hire fun, intelligent and passionate individuals who work as a team to help you achieve success in your goals.

Discover, Know, Predict, Decide

Digital Trends software and solutions identify patterns, and anomalies within your data and uses the totality of information to generate new knowledge or fuses additional information to existing knowledge.  In doing so, our products and solutions will generate new insights for you so that you can be aware of the complete analysis picture and make accurate predictions and intelligent decisions.




We provide top notch full-stack engineers capable of full-cycle development.  We provide:

  • Software Development
  • Data Integration
  • Systems Integration
  • Security Integration
  • Production Systems Support


Our TrendsWare application sets are uniquely designed to tackle problems within virtually every mission space.